OPP Warn of CRA Scam

Bracebridge OPP want you to confirm who you're dealing with before sending any money anywhere for any reason.
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and other agency-related extortion threats claimed  751 identified victims who lost a combined $2.49 million in 2016. Police admit  that 95 percent of the crimes go unreported. 
In the CRA scam, the criminals extort money from their victims by telephone, mail, text message or email, a fraudulent communication that claims to be from the Canada Revenue Agency requesting personal information such as a social insurance number, credit card number, bank account number, or passport number.
Police say fraudulent communication could also involve threatening or coercive language to scare individuals into paying a fictitious debt to the CRA. Other communications urge taxpayers to visit a fake CRA website where the taxpayer is then asked to verify their identity by entering personal information. Police say these are scams and taxpayers should never respond to these fraudulent communications nor click on any of the links provided.

Posted on Monday, November 13, 2017 (Archive on Sunday, December 3, 2017)