New Group Calls For Restoration Of Northlander As An Election Issue

A new grassroots advocacy group called All Aboard Northern Ontario launched its campaign yesterday to restore the Northlander passenger train and improvements to other rail and intercity bus services across Northeastern Ontario.
√Čric Boutilier, founder of All Aboard Northern Ontario says “The time for a determined and well-researched campaign to revive the Northlander is now.  After more than two years of working with other groups to bring this about, it has become apparent that polite meetings with the very politicians and bureaucrats who cancelled the Northlander in 2012 result in nothing," he said.
All Aboard Northern Ontario will be increasing its push for equitable investments in public transportation through the professional development and public presentation of a restoration plan for the Northlander.  "Documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act have already produced data that throws into question the wisdom of the train’s abandonment by the McGuinty government," he said.
In the weeks ahead, All Aboard Northern Ontario will release its data-based proposal for the restoration of the Northlander.  
“The time for action is now,” says Boutilier.  “With a provincial election on the horizon, the issue of the Northlander needs to be placed before the public and the candidates of all political parties.

Posted on Thursday, October 12, 2017 (Archive on Wednesday, November 1, 2017)