Barry "Bazza" Hayward

Barry ‘BAZZA’ Hayward has been a musician and performer for over thirty-five years, covering musical styles from classical to world beat. He also has over twenty plus years experience in human resources management, organizational development, and community-building. Additionally, Bazza has served in a leadership role in a number of arts organizations, festivals and concert series, and was a past morning show host on CANOE FM in Haliburton, Ontario.

Bazza is also a principal drummer with ABBEY NORTH DRUMMERS, who performs regularly in support of peace, justice, and civil society and a host of humanitarian and charitable causes, and in particular organizations involved in HIV/AIDS and education-related projects in Africa.

In addition to performing live, contributing to recording projects by a growing list of musical artists, and travelling the world in search of new musical adventures, Bazza is now very excited to be bringing many of those same sounds to Hunter’s Bay Radio.


Ken Cole

Ken is a Dora Mavor Moore award winning producer, and with his dad, Doug Cole, ORDER OF CANADA Recipient.  His brother Jeff, owned a operated George’s Spaghetti House, The Bourbon Street Jazz Club, and Basin Street Cabaret Theatre - home to world class jazz legends.  Every Sunday night, Ken brings his vast knowledge, both personal and professional, as host of George’s Spaghetti House Jazz.


Michelle Ainsworth

Michelle Ainsworth was born and raised in the Toronto area and moved to Muskoka in 2008. Michelle is a passionate animal advocate that has been involved in animal advocacy and rescue work for over 10 years. Since moving to the Muskoka area, Michelle has founded a small animal rescue group called Muskoka and Parry Sound Independent Animal Rescue. She has a diploma in Animal Care from Georgian College, as well as a Social Service Worker Diploma and an Aromatherapy Certificate. Michelle works in the social service field full-time and loves her career. Michelle's passion is music- music of all types but especially Industrial, Punk, Ska, New Wave and Retro- while a teenager and into her twenties Michelle would listen to obscure, unique music and go to underground night clubs where she would be introduced to various genres of music. She still listens to this music but no longer goes to clubs-  nowadays her night club consists of dancing at home with her dogs and partner, John. Michelle is a firm believer that in order to fully enjoy and appreciate music you must open your mind to all types and to not be afraid to embrace even the "cheesiest" music, no matter what anyone says! Michelle is also an artist, painter, writer, musician and advocate. Join Michelle every Tuesday from 8-10 p.m. for The Spirit Of Radio where you will hear great tunes- come explore the fun, unique and awesome music of the 70's, 80's and 90's.


Sequoia Henry

Sequoia Henry was born in British Columbia, and moved to Huntsville when he was 3 years old. He lives with his mother and older brotherand sister. Sequoia attends school at HHS (Huntsville High School) Sequoia likes ALL kinds of music! He became a part of HBR (Hunters bay radio) after he shared his story openly about bullying; Sequoia now hosts the Huntsville High School Radio Show on HBR.

Lee Ann McIndoo

Having lived all her life in Muskoka, nature and animals have always been very important to Lee Ann.  Her eyes were shocked wide open about the way animals, especially elephants, are treated in zoos and circuses and how elephants are being slaughtered for their tusks. At that time, the feeling was that something had to be done to raise awareness.  She started a Facebook page called "Support Worldwide Ban on Ivory".  Because of all the like-minded people she has met through her passion, she became aware of how domesticated animals are treated in factory farms.  Lee Ann brings her love of animals & their welfare to Animals & Airwaves on HBR.

Arlene Payne

Arlene was born in Parry Sound, and raised on her parent's farm in Rosseau. She was one of nine kids. Her Dad played the fiddle, and her Mother played the guitar. Music was a big part of her family life while growing up. Arlene learned to play guitar, and would sing along to many country music tunes on the radio. Soon she joined her Father and older Brother to play at local country dances, and square dances, in the area.  Later, they became The Mahon Family Band which included other members of the family.
Arlene lives in Port Sydney where she and her husband raised their family.  She has written, and performed original music at many concerts, and venues that the band has played over the years. Arlene has  a passion for country music for as long as she can remember.
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James Carroll

Originally from Philadelphia, James started on radio at LaSalle University in '74, since has performed across the U.S. and Canada onstage, television, feature films and numerous commercials. After six seasons on Sullivan Entertainment's WIND AT MY BACK (originally aired on CBC), James moved 'up north' and is happiest as Dad to his daughter, Emma! 
James is host of the AFTERSHOW Monday - FRIDAY noon to six, the irreverent DIRTY MONDAY, the local MUSKOKA SPOTLIGHT, and the new VERGE.


Kareen Burns

Kareen describes herself as “a gracefully evolving woman of eclectic good cheer.”  As a kindred spirit and uber-volunteer, Kareen has re-discovered her creative self since retiring from her Swiss Chalet franchise.  
She considers herself a “passioneer” for eclectic arts, always strives to think outside the box, and she is a huge supporter of Huntsville’s  incredible artistic community.  As a cancer survivor, Kareen brings a zest for life to her show “K”, Fridays at 11.05am & 7pm.


Jeff Carter

Jeff is the founder of Hunters Bay Radio and has been developing and managing the station since 2009. He has had 15 years experience in senior management at the Hudson Bay Company and was the owner of a local Internet Service Provider for 16 years.

Jeff has spearheaded many community initiatives including highly successful fundraisers for Cystic Fibrosis and was a co-chair responsible for the building and funding of a youth park in Huntsville, along with developing and running two major fundraising projects for the Rotary Club of Huntsville.


Jeff is the news and programming director for Hunters Bay Radio.

Paula Jackson

Paula Jackson, a relative new-comer to the Huntsville area, (by conscious choice), acknowledges that spiritual exploration has defined her life. As a holistic counsellor and educator, she has extensive experience guiding individuals and leading groups, in matters of spirit and soul. Paula has a special interest in the art of living well and dying well and nature/eco. based spirituality. She looks forward to this new adventure of meaningful talk radio!

Derek Shelly

S. Derek Shelly has been a resident of Huntsville for the past 10 years and his "day" job is that of Minister at Trinity United Church. S. brings a broad view of the spiritual nature we all possess. He has done extensive work in the area of palliative care, end-of-life concerns and grief. As facilitator of The Spirit Cafe which is a once-a-month gathering for open discussion of spiritual topics raised by the participants, S. enjoys and encourages the wonderful journey of the soul for us all.

Jay Johnstone

Jay is host of the wildly popular Corrie Chat, a show about the TV Show Coronation Street.  The show was a spinoff of an episode of  K on the Bay where members of the local fan club met to talk about their favourite soap.  Jay, an uber fan has met many of the cast and has visited the set in the UK. Jay and members of the fan club get together to talk about the show’s previous weeks story lines on HBR.

Brian Samuell

Brian been involved with Hunters Bay Radio since 2011.  He had been a Financial Advisor in Huntsville since 1997 until retirement in 2015. Brian has an MBA and has held management and financial positions in various businesses and service organizations across the country. He manages the financial planning for Hunters Bay Radio. He has many years of volunteer experience with the Board of Directors for the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Huntsville.